Key Features of Gari Token


Users can use the Gari tokens in their in-app Gari wallet to tip their favourite content creators directly from the video feed, as well as from the Creator’s profile. These transactions are completely on-chain.


Creators will be able to boost their profile and posts to 100M+ Chingari users, while making the payment for the service through $Gari.

Token Gated access:

Gari holders can access exclusive content on Chingari platform by staking their tokens on creator pools.


$Gari holders will be able to stake and earn yield as well as vote on proposals to decide the future direction of the platform.


Chingari will be the world’s biggest video NFT marketplace. These NFTs can only be purchased with $Gari tokens.

Audio Rooms Currency:

Audio rooms is a feature on Chingari app, similar to Clubhouse, where creators can connect with their followers over audio meetings. $Gari will be used by users to purchase gifts for these creators.

Chingari Live Streams:

The Creators will be able to do live streams on the app. The live streams will be exclusively available for those staking $GARI or buying NFT.