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The largest Streaming and Crypto Community with 100M+ Downloads on Play Store

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Empowering Content Creators
Worldwide with Blockchain

Unlock a world of live conversations and expert insights with Chingari – your ultimate platform for meaningful connections and knowledge sharing.

Chingari is now a thriving community where you can engage in real-time conversations, tap into expert consulting, and discover your favorite content effortlessly

Unlock a multitude of exciting features on Chingari with the in-app token, GARI. Dive into video calls, audio calls, and chats across diverse categories like Astrology, Dating, and more.

300M+ Global Crypto Users
200M+ Chingari Users

300M+ Global Crypto Users
200M+ Chingari Users


Empowering Content Creators Worldwide with Blockchain

0 + Millions

The largest Streaming and Crypto Community with 100M+ Downloads on Play Store

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Daily On-Chain Users of over 125,000 active members

GARI Network
On-chain Metrics

5M+ NFTs transferred on Aptos by Chingari users

Over 3M wallet users on Solana
Over 4M wallet users on Aptos
Combined 7M+ on-chain wallet users on Chingari

11M+ GARI Staked across mobile and web

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Creators Incentivised to create better content with $GARI coins (DAO Governed by Chingari Foundation)


Live Streaming
Go LIVE, showcase your skills and earn from paid calls and gifts on Live Rooms and 1on1 Calls

Audio Chat
Generate income through voice chats with users by engaging in discussions on various topics such as Astrology, Dating, and more.

Text Chat
Your words could turn into earnings! Earn money through text chat by engaging users in conversations about diverse topics

$GARI Roadmap


Q3 2021

Development on GARI started

Solana Grant received - $300k

Seed Round Raised - $4M

Private Sale Raised - $15M

Q4 2021

Pre-sale - $12.3M

IDO - $6M

Airdrop for Jump Start

Q1 2022

South-East Asia Launch

Chingari wallet Launch

Q2 2022

Gari Panda NFT drop

Gari Mining Launch

Q3 2022

Gari Developer DAO established

CreatorCuts - vNFT marketplace

Developer DAO grants

Q4 2022

Gari Web 3 Stack (GW3)

Gari Wallet SDK launch

Gari Token Staking

Gari Quest based Ads

Gari Mining Subscriptions

Q1 2023

CreatorCuts v2 Live

Chingari wallet Integration with 3rd party apps

Q2 2023

Gari Academy Launch

Gari Quests V2

Chingari Earn

Aptos Integration on Chingari

Gari token bridge to Aptos

Pandas Awakening Reveal

Gari Burn mechanism

Buy GARI with UPI enabled

Additional Utilities announced

– Spend GARI to book flights & hotels and more

– Buy Diamonds using GARI enabled

Q3 2023

Giftings are on-chain

Chingari goes multichain supporting both Solana and Aptos

GARI Panda Club Live on Chingari

Q4 2023

Gated Access to Live Streaming for Mining Badges Holders

NFT Gated Access for Gari Pandas Holders

Staking on Aptos

Desktop version of Chingari

Audio Chat


Gari SDK Services for Aptos Chain

Aptos Ecosystem Support tools

Multichain vNFT marketplace

Multichain wallet (standalone)

Multi Chain Airdrop Checker

Wallet watcher - like dextool and uniwhales

On-Chain Quests & Rewards

NFT Marketplace aggregator

Mining revamp

Onchain Games integration

Dex integration for swaps

Crypto For Creative Communities

Fueling New Forms of Engagement for Creators and their Communities


“Our mission is to institutionalize the space, and promote the growth and advancement of the underlying ecosystem and technology behind digital assests and blockchain.”

Sumit Ghosh

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Backed by the best in the industry

At Republic, we believe social tokens are an essential piece of the crypto community and creator economy. Chingari shares this vision and has taken innovative steps to bring that vision to life. Their creators and users will now be able to more truly monetize their own engagements and experiences.

Andrew Durgee

Managing Director at Republic Crypto