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IDO on SolRazr

15th-18th December 2021 Total IDO Pool Size: $16 Million
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Empowering Short Video Content Creators On Chingari With Social Tokens

Since 2020 we have been making being an influencer a job by sharing 30% of our revenue with creators directly through our centralized Chingari coin*, an asset that introduces broader market mechanics to our users. We do so to support them in being who they are: the ones who make the platform a vibrant and attractive place for our users to return to for learning and entertainment.

We are going further than just monetization — we believe that creators should be in charge of how the platform their creations live in is developing. This is why we introduce GARI both as a future in-app currency and a governance token — in other words, we are bringing the decision-making power back to the users.

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Creators Incentivised to create better content with $GARI coins (DAO Governed by Chingari Foundation)


Chingari is India's fastest growing short form video app with millions of Daily Users. The app lets users create and share short form videos with the world. Everytime you create a video on Chingari, you get rewarded with Gari Tokens.

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The platform has planned to partner with leading D2C E-Commerce Brands, to integrate Gari Tokens with the existing shoppable video feature on Chingari. Every video that gets uploaded to Chingari is parsed frame by frame and all detected objects are then matched with a live catalog of products and each video becomes shopping enabled in real-time by the time it hits your feed. All these social video commerce transactions will be done using Gari Tokens in the future.

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Own & Govern

We introduce GARI as a social token for the community of Chingari creators that will give them governance authority over the future platform developments through a DAO and create a circular economy. Being distributed to the contributors for the platform value they created, GARI on the other hand benefits from the value of network itself.

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  • Development Work
  • $4M funding led by Republic and Co-led by Galaxy Digital
  • $300k Solana Grant
  • Private Sale to Crypto VCs ($15M)
  • Chingari Integration Beta Live
  • Test blockchain live
  • Nov 2nd Public sale at Republic.

Crypto For Creative Communities

Fueling New Forms of Engagement for Creators and their Communities


“Our mission is to institutionalize the space, and promote the growth and advancement of the underlying ecosystem and technology behind digital assests and blockchain.”

Sumit Ghosh
Sumit Ghosh Founder, CEO and Chairman

Backed by the best in the industry

At Republic, we believe social tokens are an essential piece of the crypto community and creator economy. Chingari shares this vision and has taken innovative steps to bring that vision to life. Their creators and users will now be able to more truly monetize their own engagements and experiences.

Andrew Durgee
Andrew Durgee Managing Partner at Republic Capital

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